We are honored you are interested in the site either as a buyer, or as a seller.  We are brand new.  Just born to the internet within the past year!

You are literally considering becoming part of something exciting, and different, and about to stand out from the rest of regular crafts sites out there, as an Artisan caliber site with a specific target in mind.

Built into that is a whole lot of heart, devotion, and excitement to serve our members.  With all due respect to the craft world, we love all arts and all crafts.  Yet we are a specific niche catering to truly handmade, at the Artisan level.  If you feel at home when you look around, so will your customers as a seller, or as a buyer you will have a lot easier shopping experience with less digging to get to what you love.  It will just make sense to those who arrive who are here for our same fashion and related fashion taste.

I believe in personal support that is connected and friendly.  I do not want just sellers and buyers.  I would like us all to be connected like a family.   That is why I would like you to join us on Instagram.  Please DM me on Instagram @mygypsystore  Please add me!  Contact me on Instagram for personal 1 on 1 support and for telephone support.  This is the best form of getting a hold of me the quickest with any questions you may have.

Or email direct at mygypsystore @ gmail .com (no spaces)  — you will also get support but I would like to have us come to know each other a bit more personally over time!



Now, if you want to get to know me a bit, read on!  If not, the links above will work out swell and I will be helping you with a smile.

I look forward to hearing from you.  It is my goal to come to know you as a seller on a personal level.  As a buyer, we want to speak for ourselves and on behalf of all of our sellers, you are loved and appreciated!  I want a family feel to this site and to our relationship with you on Instagram.  Please come to get to know us.  Please allow me to support you in any way I can.  We do not want this site to become a monster that is disconnected.

No matter if we grow quite large or stay quite small, I want everyone to count.  Every single artist is special, and lets continue to grow and support each other as such!  My goal is to have a loving community that grows with the fundamentals of respect, honesty, integrity, and a family feel to it at all times.  I believe in loving a stranger as I do my own family members or friends.  For we are 1 people.  One love my friends.   Life is short, lets support each other in every way we can.  That is the culture I want for us.  That might not be the corporate world everyone might be accustomed to.  But heck, that’s what I’m about – unashamedly loving – and good thing it will always have your best interest at heart.

I have to say.  I am blessed by the people that have joined.  They are of the same heart.  Wonderful.  You artists are so loving and talented, and giving and kind.  In my life so far, I have really never met an artist that wasn’t very special and loving and helpful.  And I kid you not, that is 10 years and going as a past jewelry store owner, collector, etc.  Now that’s a real good indicator of the type of person you are, those statistics don’t lie!

Please know, I feel life is not a competition.  Not who has more, who doesn’t.  Who buys more or who doesn’t.  Who creates the best looking items or whom doesn’t.  Its best feeling comes from helping those around you.  Loving those around you and being giving of yourselves.  This might be a contradiction to what we are being taught in so many ways in this day and age… but know this — I don’t know you, but I sincerely want to help you in any way I can.  It is what makes me feel like I am accomplishing something in this short life.  It makes me feel happy and sleep more soundly.  Whether on the internet, or pushing a car, or helping someone get through a tough spot when I am doing well, that is what truly and sincerely makes me feel more alive.  I would recommend it to anyone, anytime.

If this sounds good, this site might be a real good fit.  If it sounds weird or hokey, it might not be a good fit.  Either way, I’ll help you . Why?  I love doing it.  It lifts my spirits.  There are people helping me right now.  That keep me encouraged and keep me feeling empowered.  I have found those people amongst my own sellers!  There have been times in life where I felt down.  In just the right moments, people are sent into my life out of nowhere reaching out a hand, uplifting me.  Now, if we all reach out our hands, just imagine all the difference we can make together.  If we are unashamed in our ability to love, we are able to grow in many ways.


The world is round, and love is what keeps it turning.  Without it we are nothing.  I’m ready to help when you are needing me!


Sorry, you might not hear that on other websites.  But, this is not a corporate giant.  It is a family owned small business who wants to stay true to its roots at any cost.  I’ll sacrifice anything anywhere, anytime, for my beliefs.  And my beliefs are simple.  We should all love each other, support each other, be kind to one another, and reach our hands out to each other so we all may succeed.  Those philosophies work in business.  They work in relationships.  They would work in peace.  Cannot change the world, but we can start here.  In our own little site, staying true to who we are.  Artists, collectors, and hopefully–peacekeepers and spreading light and love and help and kindness wherever we go.


Please ensure to review the FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions Pages before joining MyGypsyStore.com.  Thank you so much!


Much love MyGypsyStore Family,


David, Owner

and my loving supporting Wife Jennifer, and our 2 kiddos!  Follow my wife at @gypsy_jenlove on Instagram!