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As a Buyer:

If you are a buyer who purchased something, and are inquiring on your purchase, please contact your artisan directly.  That is usually the best and fastest way to resolve any questions.

Visit that Artisans Store, and use the Seller Support button on their Seller Store page.

This form is for contacting Administration at MyGypsyStore, not a direct message to your Artisan.   If you need further assistance I am glad to provide it.  Please enter your email address correctly in the form below and include all 3 Details:

  1. Your Full Name as used when Ordering your product, Telephone, and Email used to order the Product.
  2. Your Order number as shown in your order email, and the Title of the Product Ordered
  3. Specifics on how I may be of assistance to you

As an Artisan:

If you are an artisan looking to inquire upon joining MyGypsyStore please review the FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions, and the fastest response is by Instagram Direct Message to @MyGypsyStore for direct Artisan Inquiries.  I enjoy chatting with my current and potential sellers, so this is the best way to grab me soonest for Artisan Support.

Much love,


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