WELCOME!  Thinking about Joining?  Please Read Before Joining.

Lets start off with a HELLO and WELCOME to MyGypsyStore.com!  As you get to know the site, and the sellers, and you may be considering becoming a seller, I would like to be clear on what we are about so that we can avoid any confusion as to what kind of site this is.  If you are unsure if you qualify for the site, Please EMAIL me images of your products before applying to be a seller on MyGypsyStore.com.  Email  mygypsystore @ gmail . com (without any spaces, this is an anti-robot precaution)

The acceptance of this FAQ’s Page and Terms and Conditions is a requirement of all users or viewers of this website at all times.

If you find yourself to be someone Positive, Loving, and wanting to think and help other people you are a great fit for this website and this community.  We strive to cater to a particular group of Artisans and the Collectors of truly Handmade and the individuals who strive to support the work of the Sellers who fit this Niche.

Scroll below to see Examples of NOT ALLOWED.  These are just a few examples to set a tone of what is not allowed.  There are a variety of items not allowed, but this will add visual examples to illustrate the type of items that will be removed.

Also, read the Governing Attitude Section below.  I guarantee you will not find that on any other site with a main objective of a profit.  That is not my main objective here for myself personally.  Therefore I cater to a very small and specific type of seller niche.

We are an Artisan site, we do not cater to the Craft Type websites, nor do we wish to be compared to any other existing site out there such as Etsy or Ebay or Amazon Handmade or any others available at this time that we are aware of.  This is a particular Tight Group Niche website, tightly Governed.   This site was created out of a love and devotion to highlight a certain type of Artisan and pull them away from sites that are NOT highlighting them and their skills.  This is for the TRUE HANDMADE.

The Sellers on the site must meet high standard criteria and acceptance to MyGypsyStore.com, and the site owner has the sole discretion as to whom may continue to sell on MyGypsyStore.com at all times.  The site owner is not responsible, or to be held responsible or liable in any way for any refusal to accept any seller, or a seller’s product or any products to the site, either before becoming a seller or afterwards.  Any user of this site agrees to the terms of the FAQ’s as a part of the Terms and Conditions page, and both pages are a condition of the use, and even viewing of this site.

A seller typically starts to upload products on their own discretion, and should products be determined not to meet the standard of being Artisan in nature

**TRULY HANDMADE is a Requirement, NOT HAND ASSEMBLED PRE FABRICATED MAJORITY OF PARTS, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO JEWELRY–Items that are questionable as to whether they are truly handmade, not just assembled or put together with minimal Artisan craftsmanship or additional workmanship will be considered not handmade, even items that “are handmade” by the definition of mass produced “hand made” assembly workers or “handmade” by adding a couple jump rings–they do not qualify for MyGypsyStore.com).

***No Mass Producers of ANY KIND are allowed on MyGypsyStore.   Your store will be terminated if associated with excess wholesaling, mass producing, price-smashing tactics through mass production (even if handmade but handmade in a multiple-employee style manner.   We protect the individual artisan, or artisans operating in a small family (husband and wife, etc).  We need not have to explain ourselves to anyone when terminating a store that is a “price smashing” wholesale operation as that is what Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and other marketplaces are happy to accept.  Here it is not allowed.   Period.  Please keep your business where it is wanted and accepted, and where you will find your clients.   You will not find clients for mass produced items here, not even handmade mass produced items that are marked low to try to undercut the community.  They are not tolerated, nor wanted on this marketplace by our clients, our buyers, or our artisans.   Please understand your goods as a mass wholesaler with a small factory or working with factories might be a great business for you on Ebay or Etsy or Amazon with loose rules that allow it.  However, it is not welcomed on MyGypsyStore.   That might sound harsh, but that is a straightforward reality and honesty up front needs to be appreciated with our right to voice what MyGypsyStore is, and what we want to protect.  We desire to protect individual artisans working hard to make quality handmade goods and make a living doing so.   For that reason, mass produced goods – Even if Handmade – are not acceptable to MyGypsyStore.com.  As someone in the industry 15+ years, I am well knowledgeable about wholesale and mass produced goods even handmade mass produced items.  

Items will be removed at any time by the Owner, and the Seller Account may be terminated immediately upon the discretion of the Owner at any and all times, although a warning may be offered but is not required.  For example, if you are making bracelets or earrings out of some pre bought items, including pre bought jump rings and kits and assembling them, this is unfortunately not the site for you.  You have skill and creativity, that is not in question, but please reserve only the true handmade items as defined by this Niche Website or face account termination.  If you feel hesitation and are unsure please email me to know if your items qualify.  DM Me on Instagram (private DM Message @MyGypsyStore ) or email me at:  mygypsystore @ gmail .com (ignore spaces that is there for web crawler purposes)

This FAQ’s Page is part of the Terms and Conditions of this Website, and is attached to the Terms and Conditions page in the form of a link requiring this page’s acceptance for use of this Website.  You are to not upload Prefabricated jewelry items with simple strands of stones on a string, or pre made parts that are finished off with simple jump hoops.  This is NOT that kind of website.  Please, lets start off real clear.

There are places and many sites and there are many other fairs, certain craft shows, and opportunities to sell items that are prefabricated then assembled by individuals.  That is a fantastic hobby, and one that is wonderful and rewarding for so many people.  This is just not a website for those items.  We specifically a site for the person who hand makes and handcrafts items with the level of skill of an Artisan with a majority of the parts being manipulated from scratch especially in the jewelry section of the site.

I am here for the love of each seller I represent.  I have to choose a very small group to represent very – VERY – carefully.   And, I do not need to over explain that to anybody.  Because I am not owned by anybody.  My heart is in the right place, I have to be careful and wise about the people that I choose to represent so that they feel that their level of talent and expertise is being administered to properly.

Q:   What is MyGypsyStore.com ?

A:  MyGypsyStore.com is a site where talented artisans have the opportunity to pull away from sites like Ebay, Etsy, and other websites that have become flooded in “many ways”.  If you are an artisan who has been selling on these sites for years, you will know exactly what I mean by this.  To be blunt and to the point in a friendly way as we are actually very loving people; this site was created because of what has happened to Etsy.  We were prior users and we are not thrilled nor are our clients and potential clients at what has occurred over the years.

MyGypsyStore was Born — a site to highlight Artisans within a specific Niche market.  This means what is allowed to be listed in this website is Limited.  The rules are set in by the owner of the website, and this company is not a public corporation traded on the stock market.  It is a business with its own niche it serves, loyally so.  Although we would love to help the world; within the confines of this website we are serving a specific market niche — The handmade market tailoring to the Gypsy, Bohemian, Southwestern, Midwestern, Feather Child and closely related fashion market.  Lovers of handmade jewelry and customized One of a Kind articles of clothing and home decor and lifestyle goods that tend to these specific markets, loosest is Paintings and Wall art in terms of related to the niches, but strict in the way that they must be handmade and handpainted, handcrafted works.

Q:  What am I allowed to Sell on MyGypsyStore.com?

A:  You are allowed to sell items that You have handcrafted Yourself.  You are allowed to list items in the Jewelry Section that you have made with your own hands, OR is an item procured and proven to be Handmade in the way acceptable by the site itself and a fit to the market niche of the site. Many items are termed loosely “handmade” nowadays to squeeze their way into Etsy and other websites.  We are not that type of site, so we start off on the same foot, and we might not be the right site for everyone.  We are strict on handmade and we are not looking to loosen those standards.  It is great that there is a site like Etsy, that may be the site for a persons goods who are pushing the envelope of whether it is actually handmade or not.   We are not here to offend anyone, we are a specific site of our own, with a specific group of artisans in mind.  Our goal is not to have Millions of users and take over the online world.  Our goal is to serve our sellers with our niche, and for buyers who love our niche to feel like they found a place to call Home.

Absolutely NO Mass Handmade produced items (where multiple people work in unison to create items) are allowed on MyGypsyStore.com.

We all have the right to choose our friends in life, as we also have the right to choose who can or cannot be a part of this site at all times and what members can or cannot post at all times.   These are our terms to protect the interest of the community we are creating in this website, and to preserve what it is we are trying to accomplish for them.

B:  Items listed in the Clothing section must be altered or modified to be #OOAK, One of a Kind.  We cater to handmade items or modified items.   We know that this will limit our company as a whole.  Limiting the company limits our income, limits a lot of things.  But we are specifically here to support artisans who are crafting items to fit this niche market on this website.

Q:  Are Vintage Goods allowed for Sale on MyGypsyStore.com?

B.  Simple answer:  Yes and No.  If Handmade Yes, if Not – No.  However, additionally — If related to our Niche and Handmade, Yes, if not No.  A handmade turkey baster for instance would not be an item for MyGypsyStore.com.  A joke but you know what Im getting at.  It doesn’t fit.  Handmade creative art of all kinds will fit in.  Art of all forms as long as they fit in to the terms and conditions and this FAQ sheet do, and if in question please email mygypsystore@gmail.com before joining or listing.

Yes:  Vintage handmade jewelry is Allowed.  (No, no costume or Mass produced items whatsoever in jewelry).   It must be Clearly and Unquestionably Handmade.  If it is questionable, it will be removed.  Removed items result in a loss of a Seller Credit (seller credit are credits used to list products each month, the amount is dependant upon the membership chosen).  1st warning of a violation in posting will result in email questioning the item and possible posting removed and warning.  2nd or more postings or violations may and most likely will result in account suspension.  Feel free to always ask and email the site moderator in the contact portion or  mygypsystore@gmail.com for questions if you are unsure about what you are about to post.

No:  We are not like Etsy.  We are not a place to list vintage goods like old picture frames or old items of any kind like past old manufactured toys or any of that sort of thing (as cool as they can be!).  I am an antique lover – I Love old nifty items!  There is a TON of items that are considered antique.  So much so that 1 antique dealer with a large shop or seller can flood out the market with their shop of goods.  It would be QUITE difficult for someone making handmade goods one at a time to compete with an antique dealer with a shopfull of items with many being mass produced (of course some are handmade as well, but my point is clear).  Therefore, there are other sites out there, like Etsy, that will prove a fit for the antique dealer.  This site is not geared towards the antique market, specifically Handmade Jewelry and fashion items and Modified by Hand upcycled goods.  Its just what MyGypsyStore.com is.  A place for Artisans to stand out, and be given a chance to be highlighted amongst a sea of goods flooding other sites.

Q:  What About Clothing?

A:  Clothing, even shoes and shirts or coats or tops, must have an element of handmade to it.  This section is looser than jewelry etc.  However, Clothing must have been upcycled, reworked, fully created, or modified by the Seller or artist to have a place on MyGypsyStore.com.  We could have tried to take over the world with selling anything we thought was neat or having sellers come from all over with items non-handmade.  This would have definitely made the site a greater profit, for us–the owners, but we are thinking of only the sellers first and foremost who are our members and who do make this site possible.  We want the Artisans in the handmade world who fit our niche to have a place to call a home of their own.

Is a jean top that was mass produced then modified with a frill edge count?  Yes.  Old boots reworked by the artist to be a new piece after time altering them?  Absolutely.   A belt that is still new, bought from Khols made out of leather… No absolutely not.  A belt bought from Khols that is made of leather then hand tooled from the artist or modified into something different?… Absolutely.  You see, we are highlighting artistry with the seller’s personal touch to it, whether they made it from scratch or not in the clothing section.  An AC/DC shirt that’s vintage cut up and resewn into a fashionable Vintage beach top?  Bring it on.  Throw some of those reworked boots with it and a hand made leather purse with frill / tassle and some sterling rings from our jewelry section and you know you are having some fun shopping at MyGypsyStore.com.

This FAQ page is tied to Terms and Conditions of MyGypsyStore.com.  By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you also agree that you have read the FAQ’s page and understand the contents of this page.

Q:  What SPECIFIC items are excluded from being considered Handmade but still ALLOWED on MyGypsyStore.com?

A:  The Supplies Section is a closely monitored, 1 on 1 portion of the site where Suppliers are approved to list in.  It is the only exception to the rule at this time, but goes through site admin approval.

Suppliers may list Crystals, and Raw stones that are either collected by members of the site or used in the making of Jewelry.

For example, a Raw Turquoise may be listed by an approved Supplier.  The turquoise may enter someone’s personal collection.  So might a large crystal formation.  The turquoise might also be hand cut and formed in the lapidary process and listed by the seller on the site.  Cut stones or raw stones as crystals or jewelry grade items can be listed by Approved Suppliers.  Additional items will be offered in this section including Stamping tools for SilverSmithing and more on an approved basis.


Now, having agreed to the terms and conditions and these FAQ’s linked on the Terms and Conditions portion,   Lets go have some fun.


If you are someone that doesn’t realize you complain a lot, even if you are told you complain a lot, and have a real negative attitude, Please, kindly I ask you – please do not join.   This site is not a magic pill.  If you are that person that goes to work in the past and makes a mess of it for everyone by constantly causing drama, or complaining, and making issues by more complaining than actual working — by all means –please do not join.  Now there is something you don’t hear from a site that is all about making money.  We are about sharing positivity, and although it is good to influence over the negative in life, there just isn’t enough room or time enough for that in this new developing site of Artisans.  We are a Serious site for Serious Artisans and Collectors of Handmade.  Feel free to read into that.   Not too much time for the trouble maker types.  No matter how awesome or popular the jewelry, there is just no fit for the wrong attitude here.

I’ll tell you why we are different:

I view this site as a cooperative.  A family. A MyGypsyStore Family.  I love my sellers and want to help each and every one of them to grow and learn techniques to help them in any way possible.  I love to go beyond the call of duty for each person I can in more ways than one would expect.  If you are that rotten egg, and you know deep down you are, please do not join and bring sour apples to this celebration.  We don’t need the type that is always complaining in life to bring that here.  Sorry not sorry, keeping that simple and straight forward.

We are lovers of people and if you feel broken for any reason, we will embrace each other and hold you up and help you in any way.  MyGypsyStore is more than just a site to list jewelry on.  We are working hard to develop a supportive community and network even outside this site.

But, if you are that sour grape that is alway sour causing trouble wherever they go, no matter how much sugar and honey is poured in your cup… By all means.  There are sites full of whiners and complainers, we are movers and shakers.  Do not join.  Why?  I view this site as an organization.  Where all sellers play a role that is mutual.  Where sellers help other sellers as if they are co-workers, and friends, and we are equals in a common mission to uplift people, by supporting each other.  My goal is that we make a practice of helping each other outside of this site, and it is my goal to get to know you and have you get to know the other sellers, and be surrounded by support.  Read my Support and Contact Page.  I want all sellers to feel like other sellers are co-workers in the type of business that every business should be.  Loving and supportive.  We work to help each other way beyond the confines of this website into becoming friends with each other, shouting each other out on social media, and getting to know each other in many loving ways.

Now, if you have handmade jewelry, love your fellow people of the world, and want to feel like you are appreciated, I am ready to do everything I can for you, and I really appreciate your interest.  I love the fact that you can see this is a brand new website that is truly something completely different.  Something REAL and from the heart.  Something not exactly the normal socially expected, social norm of a business.  I do not have to be.  I’m here to love hard, work hard, and represent those that want to be seen in a new way.  I have a whole lot of work to do, and will continue to work hard to get this site growing and seen by buyers that truly appreciate handmade.  Truly want to support those of you who recognize that this world needs a change.  I want to thank you for your support back as we get this brand new site rolling.


Is this a normal and typical “Professional” FAQ’s page?   I think someone looking for a mega corporation might have a different set of expectations of what to have read here.  I have definitely not lost my heart.  Don’t worry, my legal bases are all covered here and in the Terms and Conditions although the items are written loosely and not like one would expect.

But — I take a stand and I am putting Heart back into the workplace.  This is Our workplace.  Heck, the world can benefit from a bit more unashamed Loving and being Real nowadays so here it is, In writing, taking a chance upon my own business.  I am happy you are willing to take a chance with me, and I respect it wholeheartedly.  I am here creating this to serve those who have hearts still too.  I wouldn’t sell out in the future for 500 Million dollars and throw my sellers under the bus just to go public and forget who made this site first have a heartbeat–YOU the Artisans.  I would not flood this site with every knick knack and item made out of popsicle sticks and painted paper plates (yes Im not joking thats on the “site” that started as an Artisan site 10 years ago, that is now a “crafts” site) and drown out the people I started this site to represent — Thats a Promise in writing.

You, My Sellers, bring me Joy, and serving you gives me purpose beyond what money can buy.   With you, and only you, does this site stand a chance.  Your desire to be here is exciting for me, and my desire to serve you and devote myself to you is honest and committed and protective and in your best interest at heart compared to what some mega corporations have allowed to happen.


Special approval is required to be a second hand jewelry seller on our marketplace.  Accounts that join without prior approval will be refunded and terminated.  Send request by Direct Private Message on Instagram @MyGypsyStore

The health of our marketplace is my priority.  I will not allow more than 1-2 second hand jewelry sellers per 100 total sellers to join MyGypsyStore.com at this time.  The reason is that many second hand sellers are wholesalers who buy items for melt value in great quantity, or have access to great amounts of items at less than it would cost to manufacture any of it.

The issue is that 2nd hand sellers in general sell too inexpensive compared to the costs that a silversmith incurs buying stones, buying metals, their supplies and their labor.  A leatherworker, a painter, a woodworker can’t compete fairly with too many second hand dealers.

I will not allow for the marketplace to be flooded by second hand and not have our smiths be able to compete with prices that are lowball.  Lowball prices hurt everyone, and isn’t the way to maintain a healthy environment.  I would not want to see smiths feeling they must lower their prices to compete with too many second hand dealers coming aboard.   If this does not sound reasonable, then Etsy is now suffering from it, and Ebay is too, those sites are perfect for this mentality.

Clothing makers, leather workers, painters, none of them can compete fairly with underpriced second hand purchased at pawns, flea markets, etc.  Hence, I will govern this strictly to protect the site.

Therefore, there will be 1-2 per every 100 sellers, and with special approval and governing of the page.  That means only 1-2% of our sellers will be second hand sellers with special approval to protect the market.

If you are not comfortable with this philosophy, that is what Etsy and Ebay and Amazon and other sites are there for.  They are happy to have you join.  Your items will sell there.  I am certain that one who is sensitive to artists would understand this philosophy.

However, if being the low price cut throat leader is not your philosophy, and you have fine items and have collected and you have the ability to refinish your goods and have basic jeweler skills and wish to sell at fair market value, you may get on our list to be reviewed, and 1-2 per every 100 new sellers your item will come up for review.

Second hand paintings, second hand clothing, second hand decor or any other non-jewelry item that has not been reworked, created, or modified by the seller is not allowed.  Antiques for simple antiques are Not allowed. Only 1-2 per every 100 marketplace sellers for second hand jewelry will be accepted based on their agreeing to these terms and others set forth upon private conversation to maintain the integrity and healthy microeconomy of this site.  Our sellers depend on our philosophy and my heart is with them.


I maintain the right to refuse any seller, refuse any product, cancel any account at any time to protect the site that MyGypsyStore is and has become.  I am not responsible for any lost potential income, any legal claims of any kind due to use of this site.  As a Seller or Buyer or Visitor, you agree to all FAQ’s, Terms and Conditions, and rules and regulations mentioned anywhere on this site by the creator of this site.  Any user of the site, buyer or seller or visitor, agrees to hold me harmless for any transaction or use of the site.  I am not legally responsible for any lost good, not liable for damages, not responsible or to be held responsible for any parties interactions on this site.  The transactions are between buyer and seller, PayPal offers the protection needed therefore we do PayPal transactions only on this site.  I help with moderation between buyers and sellers voluntarily.

We have had an amazing track record of great buyers and sellers, and I plan on keeping it this way!


Lets go work hard.  Together.

Love you,




Get a Feel for What is NOT ALLOWED:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.26.04 PM

Called handmade, but “handmade” in MASS QUANTITY.   Perfect for Amazon or Etsy.  Not Allowed on MyGypsyStore.com.  Please feel free to list these items on other sites.  They are Beautiful.   Truly, but not allowed on MyGypsyStore.com

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.33.42 PM

This next one is a tricky one.

Howabout taking some of these and then choosing some pre made mass produced sterling feathers or other items and putting them on with Jump Ring Hoops or attachments?  No – Not Allowed.  Not Handmade.  Hand assembled couple parts?  Craftwork and a fun hobby? Yes, but not allowed on MyGypsyStore.com.    Artisan work?  Not in terms of MyGypsyStore.com.  These are pre made, available from China for a Dollar and you can buy a couple pieces to throw on and call handmade and add it on Etsy and nobody will be able to dispute that.  That is why there is MyGypsyStore — to help people who handmake items, not hand assemble items, have a place to stand out again.

But, What if these bracelets were a part of a product listing, the pain part of the listing is, for example, a true sterling handmade pendant, placed upon the bracelet?  What if the Main portion is a Handmade sterling piece or pieces added onto this bracelet and these were included as an item to put the charm / pendant on?  What if there was a handmade pendant that took skill and is totally handmade, not pre bought and placed on there?  Now – Yes – in this instance it would qualify.  But there is an envelope being pushed.  If you are unsure, Please email before listing to see examples of what is accepted.  This would save from an item being taken down.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.40.08 PM

How about these though?  These are handmade?  The answer is, Perhaps.  Perhaps Handmade, Perhaps not, Depends on your definition of Handmade.  These were “handmade” in China and are available for $2 if you buy 100+ of them in a variety of color options.  And ANYBODY with an address and credit card can buy these for $2 of them and FLOOD this site or any other website with this stuff.  So, If you make an item like this, I respect that and indeed you sit and work and it is not easy and string these beads up and it is a skill and a labor of love.   You can surely place them to sell on Etsy or Ebay or Amazon or any other site.  However, we are a site that caters to Clearly Handmade by Artisans.  I will not dispute that this takes talent to make, and skill, but the fact that it can be bought by the truckload and sold here will put our Niche Market at risk, therefore is Not Allowed.  It will be too hard to differentiate where these type items are sourced from.  I do not have anything against the bead craft market.  We do have artisans on here listing bead items, they just cannot be the mass produced items for sale, and must be easily distinguished as original one-of-a-kinds by the artist.

Are items with Beads allowed?  Yes.  If you are unsure if your items are allowed Please Email me first.


How about this though?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.50.29 PM

I see they are handmade and I love them and see them all over Amazon and Etsy and even other sellers?  If you make these items, wonderful.  I totally see how pretty they are.  Beautiful and skill and time yes.  However, I cannot allow them.  This one is available for 1.99 and EVEN LESS if you buy 50 or more.  All Shapes, all types from Pendants to Earrings of all kinds.  If you want me to point you to Chinese websites offering these types of items with FREE SHIPPING I will gladly forward them to you.  You will be able to buy the items for less than the cost of the stone to buy and the wire to wrap it with, and resell it all marked up on Instagram doing Sales like many others calling these Handmade.  We are just not that site.  We do not cater to that market.  If we started to, not only would we drown out our sellers, we would drown out our BUYERS looking for true handmade items that are made by Artisans.  This is indeed Handmade, just not the level or type of Handmade we are seeking on this site.

Do we allow wire wrap artists?  Yes, but there is a level of skill and individuality required of the Artisan to have the item accepted and must be Absolutely and Unquestionably Artisan Level Non-Mass Produced goods.  This item is Technically Handmade, but it is “mass produced handmade”.  I could have all my Sellers Drowned out in a minute by this kind of stuff.  Sure its nice.  Just NOT what this site is about.  I hope I am very clear.  If I am not, when in doubt please Email me first.


Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 5.00.35 PM

What about these beautiful Handmade Hand Assembled earrings?

No – Not allowed.  The Item is mass produced.   The beads might have been added in by hand, but in a factory setting.  The earrings are not handmade as defined by MyGypsyStore, but you may sell on other sites.  Had the earrings had hand hammered or hand forged centerpiece, with items added, and a majority obviously done by hand then allowed.  Yet, the center piece was machine fabricated, as well as the rest of the item.  These items can be bought in mass quantity as is, and are not allowed to be sold on the site.

I hope that this is starting to be very clear as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.  Please take a look around the site to get a feel for what is allowed.  If you are unsure before beginning or before signing up, Please contact me on MyGypsyStore.com

Do not be offended if your items are declined.  It does not mean that you do not possess skill, that you are not artistic, that you are not crafty and witty and very good at what you do.  It does not mean that I do not believe your items have a very good market and that they would or would not sell.  They are simply not what this site is marketing towards.  They do not fit our own defined Niche of Truly Handmade by Artisans.

As for the above Images:  Sites like Etsy and Amazon and others exist that allow it, I am positive they do.  Many of these items came from those sites, but the images were taken from the main suppliers from China off Chinese Websites making these mass produced goods.  And sellers buy them to resell them or assemble parts with jump rings to put on Etsy or Amazon or other crafts sites and that is good.  Everyone must eat and make a living.  We all have to survive.  All businesses must find a home.  Please look into other sites there are quite a few that happily allow these items.


This site is for true Artisan Handmade.  And sticking to it.  If you find items that are not sticking to what you feel is correct please report them to me by copying and pasting the URL of the item into an email and sending it to me with title:  URGENT.


Thank you