Terms And Conditions

Shipping: USPS Priority & First Class

PROCESSING TIME CAN TAKE UP TO ONE WEEK AFTER PAYMENT - if you are on a time limit LET ME KNOW before you place your order please

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: The Butterfly Babe is not responsible for postal shock that causes antenna or legs to break off or separate. As unfortunate as it may be, it does happen, however rare. Shipments are insured, should anything damage during shipment, as long as the buyer assists with the claim and returns the damaged piece, the item will be fully refunded for the product or you can be exchange for a new piece.
RETURNS & EXCHANGES: Only to be accepted within 3 days of receiving the item and only accepted if you receive the wrong or damaged item.
CANCELATIONS: There is a 10% charge for cancelled orders
Before The Butterfly Babe exchanges or issues a refund you MUST RETURN the product. Once the original product is returned a full refund, EXCLUDING SHIPPING, will be issued or an exchange will be shipped out immediately.
They can potentially last forever if treated with care. Like all fine artwork, avoid direct sunlight and extreme humidity. A care card is included with all jewelry and displays.

After obtaining each specimen from a Butterfly Sanctuary they are "relaxed" in an airtight container for as long as 3 days. Once the Specimen is fully relaxed and completely flexible it's wings are carefully opened and spread onto a "mounting board" and pinned into their appropriate position. After the insect has fully dried it is secured onto acid and lignin free backing paper, mounted and sealed in our displays.

Every specimen is purchased from a Sanctuary after death, having lived its life promoting ecological awareness and education about the importance of insects to our world. Every purchase is used for further education, research and insect preservation. Help Preserve Nature and the Environment!

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