Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use:

Welcome to MyGypsyStore.com (My Gypsy Store).  We created this site so that buyers and sellers would have an enjoyable, positive online site to enjoy.  We want to maintain a positive experience for everyone, therefore we have house rules, Terms and Conditions for any and all users of the website.  It is our desire and intent to maintain as positive of an experience for everyone as equally and enjoyable as possible.  Therefore, this document outlines the expectations of all visitors, users, members, and any other type of person viewing this website or using its services.

You agree you have read the FAQ page and agree to the terms of the FAQ page:  FAQ terms and conditions to be read and understood in its entirety

1.  Accepting these Terms

This document encompasses our house rules, defined as our Terms of Use, or for short, “Terms”.

The Terms are a legally binding contract between you and MyGypsyStore.com website (or My Gypsy Store same identity for all purposes for Terms and Conditions or otherwise)

This contract sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use the services provided by MyGypsyStore.com.  The website MyGypsyStore.com, or its mobile application, whether viewed from any device or through any form through any app or method, will be defined as our “Services”, and This contract sets our your rights and responsibilities when using the services provided by MyGypsyStore.com.  By using any of our Services you are agreeing to the Terms, and this is not limited to simply browsing the website, using any of its functions, or services whatsoever.

Should you not agree with the Terms, you may not use our Services.  Should you agree to the Terms, please proceed by reading carefully.  We welcome you and we are glad you are here!

2.  House Rules

House Rules for Sellers:

1) SEO Management:  We make no promise as to the effectiveness of SEO management.  SEO feature on the site is available to each seller individually and it is their own responsibility to decide whether to utilize it or not and how to govern its use properly.  MyGypsyStore.com is never obligated to assist in the promotion of your items, nor SEO responsibility for your store, nor MyGypsyStore.com itself in the administrative tools.  We do not imply or express any level of success for the sale of goods within your own Store.  It is your responsibility as a store owner to use all available advertising methods outside of MyGypsyStore.com and marketing techniques outside of MyGypsyStore.com to promote your website.  We have offered tools to help you gain traffic and connect other social media and a website to your account.  We can change, amend, activate, or deactivate these tools offered at MyGypsyStore.com at any time and they are not promised to any seller or user at any time for permanent availability , and they can be appended or amended either in functionality or price at any time.

2) Promotion and Featured Items:  Promotion and pricing/marketing of your store or your Featured items on the Home Page are done on an independent basis.  Each agreement is separate and to be done with the MyGypsyStore.com at this time.  In the future, automated packages or offerings may be put into place.  There is no guarantee whatsoever about being placed on the homepage or featured list or any of its parts by MyGypsyStore.com as a site user without a separate contract for agreed banner/feature product/ or otherwise as a paid service by you the seller to MyGypsyStore.com, and is not included in any of the Membership Services or Packages.

There is no guarantee that a featured item, banner, or advertisement on the website will be clicked or generate interest for potential buyers.

3.  Ads may not include content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. You are also responsible for ensuring that your ads comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
MyGypsyStore.com reserves the right to reject or remove any ad for any reason, in our sole discretion, including ads that negatively affect our relationships with our members or partners or we feel does not fit in with our site feel, look, or intentions.

4.  Taxes and other Regulatory Fees – Are Your Responsibility

As required by your State, Your Country, and all laws applicable to selling goods in your town of residence or business conduct, You are to comply with all responsibilities of owning a business in your town.  You are to collect all Sales Taxes as applicable and other Regulatory Fees.  It is not the responsibility of MyGypsyStore.com to ensure you are not breaking the law.  It is Your responsibility as a Seller to follow all state laws and collect all taxes and fees as required in your place of conducting business and to remit all those taxes and fees in a timely manner.  MyGypsyStore operates on a Tax Inclusive Manner.  Hence, include the amount of tax that is to be collected in your goods.  When applicable, then pay those reserved tax amounts in a timely manner.  Different states, counties, and countries have different applicable laws; it is your responsibility to abide by the laws and be familiar with them before starting online stores.  We advise that you seek out professional advice from certified individuals to attain proper information as applicable to your area, and we are not responsible for any wrongdoing on your part for not collecting applicable taxes or fees for conducting business.  We are not responsible and held harmless for any lack of features or site errors or any mistake by the seller to ensure they are collecting sales taxes correctly, and that does not fall onto the responsibility of MyGypsyStore.com and this is agreed upon by you the seller and us the provider of services.  It is your responsibility to also declare all income as specified in your place of business, and to abide by all laws and regulations in your area.

5.  Fees:  Membership Fees and any other Fees

Sellers agree to pay their monthly fees to maintain their membership and be able to post items to MyGypsyStore.com.  Failure to pay monthly fee will end products from being visible on the website, and additionally the relationship between MyGypsyStore.com and the Seller will be terminated upon failure to pay.  Upon payment, the seller can have their store restored, but this is not a right of the seller, and not an obligation held by MyGypsyStore.com.  Timely payments are suggested to maintain good store standing and visibility.  Subscriptions are automatically renewed with a paypal account that has a credit card attached to the account.  There is no guarantee by MyGypsyStore.com that the feature of Automatic Renewal is going to always work, so it is the responsibility of the Seller to maintain their account in good standing should they wish to become part of MyGypsyStore.com.  All sales of Subscription Plans/Membership Plans are Final, and Members can Unsubscribe at any time from future payments.  The membership period is for 30 days upon payment.  US sellers with Paypal account are automatically charged, Non US accounts must pay on time every 30 days using Paypal or Credit Card.  Ending Memberships whether voluntarily or through site termination results in products becoming invisible to the public and delisted from the site.

–Ensure you maintain a credit card on file that is valid and has sufficient funds to cover your monthly fees.  We are not responsible for stores closed down for failure to pay on time, or for lack of funds.  Additionally, we are not responsible for stores being temporarily shut down should our automatic renewal feature fail.  It is the responsibility of the store owner to check on the status of their payments and maintain their store open and products visible through timely payments.

–Your account can be terminated at the discretion of MyGypsyStore.com for any reason.  Should we feel that you are violating the common courtesy standards of the environment, or harassing any customer or any shop owner, or for any other reason, you agree that we maintain the right to shut down your shop permanently at any time.  We value maintaining a pleasant environment for our sellers and our buyers equally, and will strive to ensure that the site is a good experience for users.

*Automatic Billing – By enrolling as a Seller and choosing a Membership Plan, you are authorizing MyGypsyStore.com to automatically charge your credit card used to sign up with every 30 days, or as described by the plan you chose to sign up with.  You authorize MyGypsyStore.com to retain your payment card information on file and to charge the card as described on the billing cycle.  Due to how the payment system is set up, the charge days will not always fall on the same day or date.

*You may cancel your subscription at any time.  You may cancel your subscription plan at any time and the payment last made will last through the end of that membership period.  You may also Upgrade your Plan at any time.  MyGypsyStore.com requires a reasonable amount of time for processing of cancellations of subscriptions.  A cancelled subscription will end the visibility of any and all products listed on the website, and they become delisted and removed from the site.

Intellectual Property Policy

MyGypsyStore.com is a marketplace that caters to sellers of handmade and mass production goods, and also designers of clothing, and other articles.  Since the site is catering to artists and those with a love for creativity, we comply with intellectual property laws and industry best practices to maintain the integrity of our marketplace.

It is the responsibility of Sellers to not infringe upon any other parties intellectual property or to infringe upon copyrights of any kind.  Whether selling goods that infringe upon laws, or posting images or content in any way that violates a law or even a best practice in the industry, we will take into consideration the violation and the removal of the images or products from the website.

Repeat offenders will have their account terminated to maintain the integrity of the site.

Should an item be in question for infringement, we must be notified of the infringement so we can have the item disabled from viewing or removed from the website.  MyGypsyStore.com will make reasonable attempts to contact the allegedly infringing party, and provide information about the notice and removal.

Prohibited Items Policy

1.  No Alcohol, Tobacco, Medical Drug Claims, Drug Paraphernalia, or Glassware or any item used for drugs to be sold at any time
2.  No Live Animals
3.  No Items created from items included in the US ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT
4.  No Items created from Dog or Cat parts or pelts as defined by US FEDERAL LAW
5.  No Ivory goods — Lets support protecting Endangered Wildlife, and from keeping wildlife from becoming Endangered
6.  No Human bone created items are allowed
7.  No items that are related to Wraps for diet and weight loss Wraps
8.  No items that are for consumption (no foods)
9.  No Firearms / weapons
10.  No items containing Hazardous Materials, or explosives, flammable items, radioactive, or gasses
11.  No recalled items
12.  No items that promote hatred, self harm, or prejudice
13.  No items that support bullying or harassment of others
14.  No items of obscene or pornographic in nature
15.  No Illegal Items or items that promote doing illegal activity
16.  No selling of items to other buyers that reside in an area where that items is against the law to own

Seller Posting of Images, Best Practices and Violations of House Rules

Best Practices– Image Requirements:
1)  Images are to be Square in shape.  Use sufficient size of 1200 x 1200 pixels so that the images are not grainy.   Low quality images will be removed.  Use editor tools to ensure the image is 1×1 proportion and sized to 1200×1200 pixels.
2)  Name your file:  Naming your file instead of leaving it a default camera name is a best practice.  The name of your file is currently defaulted to show.  Please Save the Name as a Proper short description and it will help your items to be found, pulled etc.  Name  your image file, and your product file accurately and it will increase the chances of it being found.  Especially important is selecting the proper tags and categories.  Example “1093628.img” is not a good file name compared to renaming it to “Blue Turquoise Ring”.  This image name will show when someone zooms in on your image.
3)  Images are to be taken in a bright environment with the least amount of shadows as possible.  To keep the integrity of MyGypsyStore.com consistent, and make it a beautiful and enjoyable experience to help all items to sell.
4)  No watermarks on images – There are to be no watermarks on images uploaded to MyGypsyStore.com.  There are to be no words/verbiage/digital image overlays or graphics.  Only the product being sold to keep the website look and feel consistent for all users to maximize sales for everyone through clean website images and appeal.

Not Allowed:
1)  No SPAMMING of any images/products.  Products must only be uploaded 1 (one) time per product.  Separate listings may not me repeated whatsoever in an attempt to increase its visibility on the homepage or any other area of the site by listing it over and over under different categories or by any other reason or attempt.  To keep the site free of Spammers or Spam attempts of listing products more than 1 time, Violaters will have the products removed without warning or their account suspended.
2)  Repeat –  Products may only be listed once, not duplicated per seller of the same exact item.

Selling of Goods:
1)  Accurately represent your items
2)  Ensure that items are shipped per your specified time — Do not allow shipment time to lapse
3)  Do not gouge or exaggerate Shipping costs, this is a forbidden practice.  We made MyGypsyStore.com as affordable as possible so that all sellers are able to make fair profits.  Exaggerating shipment costs is a practice not allowed on MyGypsyStore.com.  Simply price your item as you see fair, whatever that price may be.  Then, charge shipping as shipping costs may be.
4) Provide ACCURATE Ships From information
5) Specify your shipping costs and the processing time accurately in each of your listings and Hold to them
6) Comply with all international, local, and customs regulations
7) Use your Seller Tools and track the item process accurately.  Each step of the process, use the tools to mark at what point in the process it is, from beginning through completion.
8)  Maintain accurate records and Proof of Shipping.  Valid proof of shipping must show that indeed the item was shipped to the address provided by the buyer.

Buyer-Seller Disputes:

MyGypsyStore.com at this time uses PayPal for many reasons.  One of which is the protection it offers buyers and also resolution it offers between buyers and sellers.  However, it is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure to keep accurate records of all sales, and to document them well, including Proof of Shipping to handle potential cases that may arise between buyers and Sellers.

MyGypsyStore.com is a self regulating marketplace.  It is the responsibility of the buyers and sellers to maintain proper records, printouts of transactions, and backup documentation should disputes arise.  We do not operate in favor of buyers over sellers, or sellers over buyers.  It is the responsibility of the two parties to maintain records and contact PayPal with any disputes that may arise and go through any other arbitration methods as MyGypsyStore.com does not provide, nor guarantee, nor offer arbitration or aid in settling of disputes between parties or protection services at this time.

Should any seller or buyer show a pattern of disputes or repeat offenses, and this is brought to the attention of MyGypsyStore.com, MyGypsyStore.com reserves the right to close down the account permanently for any buyer or seller.  It is our full intention to maintain the integrity of MyGypsyStore.com as a trusting environment for all of its users.  However, this does not state that MyGypsyStore.com will become a mediator, or a service provider to becoming involved in the disputes.  MyGypsyStore.com therefore is a self-governing website community between buyers and sellers.

Reserving the Right to Evolve as a Site:

MyGypsyStore Reserves the right to alter its programming, plans, as well as policies and any content within the site, and both sellers and buyers or any visitor of the website agree to all terms and conditions and usage polices of MyGypsyStore.com mentioned in Terms and Conditions as well as FAQ’s Page.

Provider of Service:  Interruptions, upgrades, and Maintenance

1)  MyGypsyStore.com does not promise that the website will not go down, as servers or other unanticipated acts occur that cause websites to go down.  We are not responsible for any lost time, lost sales, or anything that could cause loss of time, or loss of data, or anything that can incur loss of finances or time or frustration due to website failure of any kind.  We are held harmless by all site users due to website failure.
2)  Upgrades will take place that cause website interruptions.  We are not held responsible for any loss of income or time or any other frustration due to interruptions to the site that are intentional such as Upgrades, server migrations, or site maintenance of any kind.
3)  Total data loss.  Should the site for any reason sustain catastrophic data loss, we are not held responsible for loss of time uploading content by the sellers, or loss of potential sales due to downtime.
4)  In the unlikely event of total data loss, MyGypsyStore.com will reinstate the site to the best of its ability in a reasonable amount of time.
5)  Any of the items above listed 1-4 under Provider of Service:  Interruptions, upgrades, and Maintenance does not constitute a breach of the agreement of the Membership or Plan Packages offered by MyGypsyStore.com and the sellers, or with the regular subscribers whom are shoppers.   There are no prorated offerings of subscription plan during items 1-4 as items such as site maintenance or upgrades will occur with frequency as the the website is new and growing and expanding in its services and content.  Catastrophic failure of the server or site or resulting data loss are events that MyGypsyStore.com will make reasonable precautions against occurring; however, in their occurrence MyGypsyStore.com is held harmless, and not liable for any claims due to their occurrence or any item listed within this agreement in its entirety.

Reserving the Right to Terminate Stores

We reserve the right to terminate stores for any reason.  We are to be held harmless for terminating stores for any reason and using the site acknowledges agreement with these terms.

Examples, but not limited to, termination reasons would be:

  1.  Not shipping out items in a timely fashion in accordance with the sellers shipping terms, Poor communication should delays occur
  2. Not fulfilling obligations with buyers, such as accurately portraying goods and services in a reasonable manner
  3. Bullying, harassing, or disrespectful actions towards other sellers or buyers
  4. Not maintaining reasonable contact with buyers who are requesting updates, information about their goods that are behind in agreed upon shipping times
  5. Not responding to emails or communication attempts from MyGypsyStore Admin in regards to goods, services, inquirires, or disputes
  6. Not responding to buyer requests for information on orders of goods / services in a reasonable manner