It is exciting to see over 100 of the most followed silversmiths on Instagram having joined!

Quickly we are becoming the Go – To – Site for the most awesome in Sterling handmade Jewelry.

Artists express themselves, and their love for many stones, such as Turquoise, Onyx, Jasper, Labradorite, and many more as they create their wearable art pieces for all of you to enjoy!

Shop from Home this year for those special Holiday Gift Ideas on  Bohemian and Gypsy Fashion abounds, as well as Hippie and Native and Flower Child fashion as the artisans continue to add to the store!

We are an alternative to some of the big sites out there like Etsy, and Amazon handmade.  We offer a more strict niche for sellers to demonstrate their skills, at a higher caliber considered artisan.  We do not allow items that are questionable as to whether they are handmade.  We also ensure that items are artisan caliber, which is a step above being considered “handmade” and are simply “hand assembled” or produced in mass quantity.

As a Seller or a Buyer, come shop our items for sale!

The store has a great selection of Handmade Jewelry Click: View our Handmade Jewelry